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Head Basketball

Head Basketball

Head Basketball, a basketball game with stunning graphics and artificial intelligence-based opponents that are tough to beat, is an exciting one. All basketball fans are sure to enjoy this game! Basketball games changed dramatically in the future when humans discovered how to bring life to parts of the human body, such as a hand connected to the head. It's unlikely that this will be seen in any stadium! Before each game starts, you can customize your character and other aspects of the match, including the weather, the AI difficulty, the length of the match, the playground, and many more. You must defend yourself against your opponent using only your hands and head. The arrow keys are used to control the movement of your character, while the spacebar is used to strike the ball. This is a mind-blowing experience, both physically and symbolically!

How To Play

  • WASD to control player movement
  • Spacebar to shoot

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