Hockey Shootout
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Hockey Shootout

Hockey Shootout

After a long hockey battle, Hockey Shootout's penalty shootout is where you can show off your scoring talents and help your side win!

This is not a fluke! Follow the goalkeeper's movements on the ice, and strike the puck so quickly that he cannot react in time. Only if the ball remains in play or if the goalie blocks it, can it earn points. To control the player striking the ball, just drag and release the mouse in the right direction. Your score will increase as you make more precise shots. You will get a bonus for every 500 points you earn.

We will restrict each play to 15 shots on goal, with no time restriction for each one. As a result, precision is the key factor in determining score differences. Observe the goalkeeper's position and plan the ideal pass. Aiming for angles that are harder for him to reach can help you score more. However, if you are not careful, these striking places might easily cause your ball to go out. How many points are you certain you'll receive? Join Hockey Shootout right now to find out!

How To Play

  • Mouse – Move
  • LMB – Hold and release to shoot

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