Hot Shots
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Hot Shots

Hot Shots

Immerse yourself in a thrilling basketball competition in Hot Shots, where you can challenge your shooting abilities and develop into a master shooter!

Hot Shots is a recently launched Nickelodeon game. Your job is simple: assist Patlu in becoming a renowned basketball player. To accomplish this, you must engage in basketball games and develop your talents. To win a match, you must score at least 10 basketballs before the clock runs out. Each successful throw will win you two points. After these ten baskets, each successful shot earns you three points. The contest will last 45 seconds. All of this information will appear at the top of the game screen. When the bonus round begins, you'll see a diminishing time column and three basketball columns. Throw the ball into the yellow-marked baskets to collect the number of points listed for each. Each successful shot at the basket reduces the time by a little. The bonus round ends when the timer runs out or you miss a shot. Does this sound interesting? Patlu is ready! How will you use your expertise to aid him?

How To Play

  • Use the MOUSE to play.

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