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On Fire : Basketball Shots

On Fire : Basketball Shots

Incredible reflexes, skill, and patience are required to succeed in On Fire: Basketball Shots. The object of the game is to go from one side of the court to the other and shoot the ball over the goal net without letting it touch the floor once.  To direct the ball to the correct goal, keep your mouse button down and aim precisely. If you're good at it, every accurate throw will net you one point; if you're not, the crowd will boo you. The game features a wide variety of shots, from the most basic three-pointers, pitches, and layouts to more complex ones, such as hooks and bankrolls. Train in training mode before facing off against other players in head-to-head mode. Despite the lack of visually appealing features, this game will keep you engrossed for quite some time. Enjoy playing "On Fire: Basketball Shots!"

How To Play

Try to toss the ball into the next basket above by controlling the basket with your mouse. 

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