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Infinite Froggy

Infinite Froggy

Travel space with an unexpected astronaut in Infinite Froggy! Take control of a little green froggy (or is he a frog astronaut?) and help him leap through countless wooden logs to reach the star! Collect the watermelon along the way to gain more points, and try your best to reach the highest place possible!

In Infinite Froggy, the froggy will always jump automatically, so all players need to do is aim where he will land. Be careful, since one wrong step and the froggy will plummet to the ground! Collect all the watermelons you see, and don’t forget to avoid the spinning blades, since they can hurt the froggy badly and end the game immediately! What is the highest point your froggy manages to reach in this game?

How To Play

Move the mouse cursor to aim in the jumping direction of the frog.

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