Kick Off
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Kick Off

Kick Off

Kick Off is a fun soccer game that allows you to show off your soccer shooting abilities. The whistle has sounded; are you prepared to score?

You and your opponents will appear as spheres on the game screen, separated by flag symbols that represent different teams. Kick Off's gameplay is very simple. The ball is in the middle of the field. You'll bounce the ball and attempt to shoot it into the goal while avoiding opposing players. To bounce the ball in the desired direction, drag and drop the mouse. You will receive an additional goal for each ball that enters the net will result in an additional goal. The bottom left of the screen will display the number of goals. When the ball hits an opponent, goal, or touchline, it bounces back. If the ball leaves the game screen, you will lose a ball at the bottom right of the screen, which represents your three lives. If you lose all three balls, the game ends. 

As you progress, the game will become increasingly challenging and interesting. The goal may be to one side, but the opposing team's players move freely, and their numbers grow larger. Does this sound interesting? So, what are you waiting for? Join the match at Kick Off to add more trophies to your collection.

How To Play

  • Drag and release the mouse to shoot.

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