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Kogama: Basketball Arena

Kogama: Basketball Arena

Kogama: Basketball Arena is an exciting new environment where you and your friends may experience the pleasure of accumulating basketball points. Making baskets and adding points to your team's total is the name of the game in this game. In a specific location, you will begin with basic weaponry and equipment. Utilize them in battle until you come across more effective weaponry, figure out how to cool down, or collect the weapons that fallen enemies drop. Every point counts, whether you're slamming the ball in or missing a long-range shot.

Kogama: Basketball Arena features not just the standard basketball action but also a plethora of exciting game modes. There is always something fresh and thrilling to find, whether it's a challenging, fast-paced level or a complicated puzzle. Kogama: Basketball Arena is about to deliver an adrenaline rush like no other. Is this your chance to finally win it all as a basketball player?

How To Play

  • Movement is controlled by the mouse and the WASD keys.
  • The E key is used for actions, and the spacebar is for jumping.

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