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Minitoss, a football game that is fun and challenging, is played by kicking your opponent's foot base or tackling them. Remember the balloons!

Be sure to wear your shoes! You'll be guiding your team to victory with these new water balloon games. This unique balloon game will stay with you forever. Mini Basketball is an online version of the game Balloon Basketball. The game has a simple interface but is still a ton of fun. Your most talented squad will make people go crazy. You can have fun while playing this game.

How To Play

The puck you receive will have the color of your choice (red, blue, or white) and also a randomly generated number. Then you have to find out who is the opponent. The game ends three minutes after the start, so you need to beat your opponent's score. In Mini Toss, the goal of a player is to score as many points as possible within the time limits. You can navigate using the WASD key to defeat your opponent by scoring more goals. Enjoy yourselves!

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