Navesco V
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Navesco V

Navesco V

Give Navesco V a try if you are looking for something exciting with challenging gameplay! The game begins with Captain Glorktar stealing the blueprints to create the most dangerous war machine ever, and it is up to you to take back the blueprints and defeat the evil captain!

Navesco V features simple controls but highly challenging gameplay, which resembles the old-school vertical shooter games. Players navigate the spaceship to avoid the incoming attacks of enemies and shoot them down. The farther you get, the more powerful enemies will appear, being able to unleash powerful attacks and withstand more shots from you, making it harder and harder to make it out alive! With limited lives, for how long will you be able to survive the relentless attacks of your enemies in Navesco V?

How To Play

  • Control the spaceship with the WASD keys.
  • Confirm with the spacebar.

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