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Nifty Hoopers Basketball

Nifty Hoopers Basketball

Nifty Hoopers Basketball allows you to play the role of an elite basketball player and help your team achieve glory with perfect shots. Your team is a top-notch basketball squad, which you are responsible for leading to victory. It is more difficult to make as many as possible points before the timer runs out, even though you get points for successfully netting the ball.

Go on court to win for your team. You can fire a shot by taking advantage of the distraction your opponent is creating. The ball will fly towards the basket if you click or touch it at the right time. You will succeed if you can make quick and precise decisions. With every throw that you make, you can level up in the World Cup and gain points.

Nifty Hoopers is all about precision, not speed. Be sure to time your throws perfectly so that they all go in the basket. You should always keep an eye on the time because how quickly you can perform under pressure may determine the success of your team. Are you able to bring glory to your country and triumph?

How To Play

Click or tap to juke defender and shoot

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