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Dunk Digger

Dunk Digger

Dunk Digger is about to take you on an exciting and one-of-a-kind gaming adventure! This captivating digging game combines the thrill of excavating with the excitement of basketball, a sport that countless people around the globe adore. Putting basketball hoops underground is a new challenge—goodbye, unreachable hoops! Dunk Digger is a digging game where you have to get balls into the basket while collecting stars and avoiding spikes and obstacles.

The goal of your digging adventure is to collect all three stars while getting the balls into the hoop. Each level presents its unique challenges, such as dodging spikes, navigating obstacles, and figuring out how to interact with rocks and logically spinning gates. Are you confident that you can get a passing grade on each one? Playing Dunk Digger is a blast!

How To Play

Using Mouse

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