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Only Up! Forward

Only Up! Forward

Don’t miss out on Only Up! Forward if you are looking for a thrilling parkour game! Based on the game Only Up, it takes you into a mesmerizing world full of floating objects! Make your way through them all and see if you have what it takes to collect all the stars and reach the highest point possible!

Only Up! Forward offers a variety of characters with different stats who can be unlocked after players have collected enough coins, and they will make their subsequent attempts much easier! Complete all the stages and see if you have what it takes to be the ultimate parkour player in Only Up! Forward!

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How To Play

  • Control the character with the WASD keys.
  • Jump with the spacebar.
  • Hold Shift while moving to run.
  • Crouch with the C key.
  • Open the menu with the Tab key.
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