Penalty Challenge Multiplayer
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Penalty Challenge Multiplayer

Penalty Challenge Multiplayer

Penalty Challenge Multiplayer is an intense multiplayer soccer game that lets you show off your kicking prowess in an intense penalty shootout. Your goal is simple: support your home team and defeat the enemy. Use those five penalties to your advantage.

In a penalty shootout, whoever has the calmest nerves will win this multiplayer. Take on the computer or other online players. Pick your squad from among the 32 available options, and then take turns trying to rack up goals. Shooting comes first.

Sliding your finger or mouse in the desired direction will do the trick. Be careful not to let your opponent's goalie catch you. To be an effective goalkeeper, you need to pay close attention to the trajectory of the opposing team's ball. Simply point your finger or mouse at the spot where you anticipate your opponent shooting the ball. Each side receives five shots at goal and five possessions of the ball. Is your confidence in your soccer skills high? Shall we begin this game and test your courage?

How To Play

  • Swipe the ball to shoot it.
  • Touch the screen to allow the opponent to shoot the ball.

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