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Penalty Champs 21

Penalty Champs 21

Penalty Champs 21 is a thrilling penalty shootout game where you may choose your favorite European football club. You must concentrate on just three things to achieve a goal in a shootout and win the game. For the perfect goal in a shooting match, you must adjust your aim. For goalkeepers, a laser-like focus can be the key. Your role is to guide the European teams in football and win them a trophy.

Players alternate between defending the goal and taking penalties in the soccer game Penalty Champs. Touching the sliding bars will allow the player to adjust the ball's speed, direction, and trajectory. They can then kick the ball past the goalie. In the following round, the ball is kicked past the goalie. The goalie will be able to jump in the direction of your choice if you are quick enough to reach the target as soon as it appears. Do you like the idea of playing a game in which you could alter your shots' trajectory, speed, and strength to attempt to beat the keeper?

How To Play

  • When firing, modify the shot's power, height, and location.
  • When defending a goal, tap the target that will show up just before the opposition attempts to shoot.

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