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Pumpkin Basket

Pumpkin Basket

Pumpkin Basket allows you to shoot the pumpkins just like basketballs. Get ready for Halloween! Pumpkin Basket is a game that players of any age will enjoy. You won't have to worry about your pumpkins breaking apart in this game. The goal is to get the ball into the basket. Click the pumpkin to choose your flight path. A small arrow appears. The scale under the pumpkin is a good indicator of how hard you throw it. Combining these two will result in a fantastic Basket Pumpkin. If you hit multiple creatures at once, Bonus points were awarded to the players who hid themselves between the crates. Your aim will determine your ability to maintain your position. You have to calculate the power and angle when you are placing pumpkins in the basket. Best of luck to you!

How To Play

You can either click or click to play.

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