Ragdoll Archers
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Ragdoll Archers

Ragdoll Archers

Don’t miss out on Ragdoll Archers if you are looking for something hilarious to play with your friend! As the name suggests, the game is all about archery, but it will be no easy task to shoot the arrows! Give the game a try and see if you have the skills (and luck) to win the battle!

Ragdoll Archers offers simple yet addictive gameplay. With both single-player and 2-player options, you can have plenty of fun by yourself or with a friend! Be warned, though; the CPU can have extremely good aim, arguably even more than your friends will ever have! Will you be able to take down the opponent in Ragdoll Archers?

How To Play

1 Player

  • Shoot with the left mouse button, the up arrow key, or the W key.

2 Player

  • Player 1: Shoot with the W key.
  • Player 2: Shoot with the up arrow key.

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