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Real Football

Real Football

Real Football lets you create the team of your dreams and guide them to glory as champions. To succeed in Real Football, you will need to devise a winning strategy and follow a rigorous training regime. Intense battles in the game are enhanced by high-quality visuals and different shooting angles.

Select your favorite team ahead of all else. Then, you will see the sales pitch. The first half starts when the whistle blows. Grab the ball before your opponent, and don't let them pressure you. Go for the kill by using your phone or computer keys to close in. It takes a team effort to move the ball forward while evading opponents' defenders. Attack the net of your opponent as quickly as possible. Real Football revolves around scoring goals. To do this, you must always be in the lead. Actual football games allow you to play the sport of your choice and make unforgettable memories on virtual pitches. Grab the controller and prepare for an exciting journey to the top in the world of real football gaming!

How To Play

Drag and drop to shoot.

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