Rotate Soccer
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Rotate Soccer

Rotate Soccer

Rotate Soccer allows the soccer field to spin in any direction, in contrast to the real-life soccer pitch, which is quiet. Your objective is likewise simple: spin the grass platforms to guide the ball to the goal.

Rotate Soccer will keep you interested with its novel and inventive game mechanics. To keep your ball safe, rotate the ball platforms fast and avoid harmful traps such as sharp spikes. Be cautious not to let the ball fall off the platform; otherwise, the game will finish and you will have to restart the level. As a result, you should not hurry and instead use caution. You will advance to the next level after completing each one. The problems will thereafter become more numerous and challenging. See how soon you can turn things around! Rotate Soccer is an amazing soccer game that will provide you with a lot of fun!

How To Play

  • Move the ball around to get it into the goal.

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