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Coin Clicker

Coin Clicker

Coin Clicker allows you to purchase improvements to achieve the maximum level. Clicking to collect coins will allow you to do so.

Coin Clicker success depends on finding a balance between click speed and the upgrade plan. Use both or different fingers to quickly click on the coin. Using keyboard shortcuts or mouse clicker programs, you can make clicking faster. These strategies may be viewed as cheating by some gamers or websites. You can use these at your own risk.

A final piece of advice is to make sure you invest wisely in your expansions in order to maximize revenue. Click multipliers, coin caps, auto-clickers, etc. There are many other improvements. Your first priority should be to make the most of your investment by making the changes that will yield the highest return. You will notice that the game's mode has changed from CPC (CPU) to CPU. Start with the lowest-cost improvement and work your way up to the highest. Also, pay attention to any achievements or bonuses that could help you earn more money or unlock new features. Have fun!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to click on the coin located in the center of the screen.
  • Click to "Shop" to purchase upgrades.

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