Slam Dunk Brush
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Slam Dunk Brush

Slam Dunk Brush

Basketball skills, speed, and intelligence are essential for winning Slam Dunk Brush! How many points can you score in this game?

Unlike other basketball games, Slam Dunk Brush requires you to draw lines to guide the ball into the basket rather than throwing it with your hands. Moreover, you will shoot the ball before you pull it. If you don't want the ball to fall or deviate from its intended path, you must act quickly and draw a precise line. At each level, you will be able to draw up to three strokes. You will receive three points for each ball you put into the basket. However, each stroke you use will result in an additional point deduction. When the ball falls out, you lose and must start over, when you use all of your strokes but the ball still does not go through the basket, or when a bomb damages your basket. To improve your ability to put the ball in the basket while avoiding bombs, pay attention to the game screen warnings about ball and bomb shooting positions, predict their direction, and quickly draw the ball's path when the first ball is fired. At first, you may sometimes find the game simple or boring. But believe me, as you progress, this game will become increasingly interesting and challenging for even the most experienced players!

Coins will sometimes appear in the basket; collect them to unlock new brushes in the game store. Slam Dunk Brush is a refreshing basketball game that allows you to show off your agility and master your drawing skills!

How To Play

Use the mouse to draw a line so that the ball can fall into the basket.

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