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Slender Multiplayer

Slender Multiplayer

Give Slender Multiplayer a try if you want to experience the feeling of being stranded inside a cursed forest with others! Take on the role of either the survivor or the Slenderman, and try your best to collect all 8 pages to escape from the forest! Avoid confronting the Slenderman if you want to stay alive! As the Slenderman, don’t let anyone survive inside your forest! Which side will be the winner in Slender Multiplayer?

How To Play

General controls

  • Movement: WASD keys.
  • Menu: Tab or Esc keys.
  • Emote (while in the lobby): Number keys from 1 to 5.

Survivor controls

  • Interact: E key.
  • Charge the flashlight: Hold the E key.
  • Flashlight: F key.
  • Sprint: Shift key.

Slenderman controls

  • Teleport: Mouse cursor and the E key.
  • Walk over survivors to increase the static on their screens.
  • The more pages are collected, the faster Slenderman becomes.

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