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Soccer Champ

Soccer Champ

Soccer Champ is a visually pleasing and entertaining soccer video game that challenges players to achieve goals using kickballs in less than 30 seconds. Let's start the game and have fun!

Now you are entering the world of soccer, where there is no need to compete with others. You play football with a single button while appearing as a cute puppy. You must kick the ball between the goal posts so you can score when the ball lands on the Io (target area). Each round is 30 seconds long. Use every second you have to score. Score as many goals as you can before the end of the game. You will gain time if you correctly hit the ball; you'll also lose time if you miss.

The game is easy to play and everyone can enjoy it. It's the perfect game to play when you need to unwind and relax. Start the game to get that championship feeling going!

How To Play

Click the mouse to kick the ball.

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