Super Bunny Man
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Super Bunny Man

Super Bunny Man

Get ready for a series of funny yet tricky challenges with Super Bunny Man! With extremely limited controls, your role is to lead the bunny man through a series of obstacles to reach the portal at the end of each level! If that sounds simple and basic to you, remember that the bunny man can only jump randomly!

Super Bunny Man is the game you shouldn’t miss if you love silly but enjoyable games! While the game is inspired by the Super Mario games, it offers more unique challenges with difficult controls and very funny-looking graphics. Try to avoid the dangerous spikes and bottomless pits on your way since it will hurt the Bunny Man badly, and give it your best shot to collect all the carrots in Super Bunny Man!

How To Play

Take control of the bunny man with the WASD keys.

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