Super Goal
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Super Goal

Super Goal

Super Goal is one of the most well-known sports games. Playing this game will not be a regret due to its appealing graphics and easy-to-understand controls.

Tap the screen to indicate the desired angle of attack, then hit the ball to score. To avoid enemies and obstacles, you must do it precisely. Does it sound easy? Actually, it isn't; good hitting skills are required. Intuitive reasoning, quick reflexes, and a deep understanding of the sport of football are all necessities for completing each level. Gathering gold coins is one way to earn points, and you can also aim for a high score.

The other team's players will exert maximum effort to prevent you from scoring. The shot's angle and force are thus crucial variables that players must meticulously determine in order to score. I hope you enjoy yourself!

How To Play

Please follow the instructions of the game.

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