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The Gumball Game: Suburban Super Sports

The Gumball Game: Suburban Super Sports

Now that summer is here, there's no better way to pass the time than by competing in the Gumball Olympics, which have just debuted on our website as The Gumball Game: Suburban Super Sports. Out of the five sports available, you get to pick the one you like most. Which of these games do you prefer: run, long jump, joust, tug of war, or how far can you throw?

If Gumball is to evade a prehistoric beast in Run, he must have quick footwork. Use the letter A and the number D on the keyboard, along with an adjacent sign. To maximize Gumball's speed, be sure to pay attention to the level control on the blue sign. Leap over the hurdles that stand in his way. If Gumball trips or the dinosaur snatches him, the race will end.

Playing as Gumball, your goal in jumping is to get him to the other side of the finish line as quickly as possible by jumping onto the trampoline. In Joust, Gumball and Darwin engage in a duel while riding bicycles and using brooms as spears. Rope is a tug-of-war game in which Gumball's three-person squad attempts to drag a colorful cloth strip toward their line. In the last game, "Launch," players tell Gumball to launch a Coke can as far as he can, just like a disc.

The table for converting achievements can be found in the upper right corner of every game's screen. Take stock of your accomplishments; from there, work on improving your performance so that you can take home the gold medal.

You can play the game solo or with a friend. Compete with your friends to see who will win!

How To Play

Use the keys.

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