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Vex 4

Vex 4

Welcome to Vex 4, the latest addition to the highly popular series! This game is packed with intense levels featuring tricky traps and various challenges. Just like the previous titles, your goal is to complete all the levels, known as acts, in the Vex world. There are a total of 9 acts in Vex 4, each filled with devilish traps and demanding paths to conquer. Danger lurks at every turn, so stay alert!

How To Play

Use the left and right arrow keys or the AD keys to move horizontally. To jump, press the up arrow key or the W key. In certain situations, you'll encounter narrow passages that require you to crouch or crawl. To do this, use the down arrow key or the S key. You'll also use the same key to enter acts by pressing down while standing on top of the entrance.

When you're standing still, you can use your mouse to check your character's surroundings. This is especially useful when platforms or traps are located above or below you and not visible on your screen. By completing various challenges listed at the bottom of the screen, you can unlock the Hard Mode version of each act.

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