Watermelon Game
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Watermelon Game

Watermelon Game

If you love Suika Game and want to try something even better, Watermelon Game is the game for you! While the gameplay is similar to its inspiration, this game gives you a target fruit to achieve and level up based on your scores!

Watermelon Game offers many interesting features to enhance your gameplay, one of which is the option to use the power-ups. There are 3 kinds of power-ups to be used in the game, which can destroy a single fruit, erase all fruits of the same kind, or grow a fruit into a bigger one. Players also level up after achieving a certain score or reaching the target fruit size, giving them something to work for as the game gets more and more challenging! What is your highest score yet in Watermelon Game?

How To Play

Click on the screen to drop a fruit.

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