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Ball Hit

Ball Hit

Dropping the ball into the basket is the goal of Ball Hit, a basic physics game. On the road to triumph, you will encounter many challenges. In your role as a mastermind, you must control the environment so that the ball can easily pass through the hoop. As you progress through the levels, the game becomes increasingly interesting and difficult.

Clicks and touches on mobile screens are the primary means of controlling the game. To clear a path for the ball to follow, you must click or tap on various elements at each level. Getting the ball into the ring is still the objective. Level up and prepare for a slew of new challenges!

Prioritize precision above velocity. Thoroughly research every level before taking any action. To remove an item, tap on its blue icon. To rotate an object, tap on its green icon. A single well-planned rotation may be sufficient on occasion. If you want to get the most out of the game and persevere through the challenges and obstacles, you have to guide the ball in the correct direction so it can fall into the basket. Enjoy yourself!

How To Play

To move or remove an object, LEFT-CLICK OR LEFT-CLICK AND DRAG.

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