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Flickball, is a sports game in which you race against the clock to score as many points as you can before time runs out. You can think of this game as a competition against yourself. All you need to do is practice and beat your record score!

When the buzzer sounds, you have 30 seconds to score. You can score one point by throwing the ball into the basket. There are four basketballs in front of you. Why are there so many balls? Of course, it's no coincidence that these balls can help you improve your throwing speed. Throwing balls consecutively without waiting for them to fall increases your chances of scoring points. This game's appeal extends beyond speed. The game's ring moves constantly, making it difficult to aim and throw the ball accurately. Monitor the movement of the basket to avoid missing shots or wasting time. If your score isn't high, it's no big deal; you can always improve the next time you try.

Flickball provides an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy a gaming experience with stunning graphics and realistic physics. The outcome of the game is entirely dependent on your skills. Pick up the ball, do a dunk, and see who the best NBA player in Flickball is!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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