Basketball Damage
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Basketball Damage

Basketball Damage

Participate in a spectacular basketball contest, Basketball Damage, where every second matters and may lead to victory! This game requires you to control your basketball to score points through the net. Different colored balls will unlock as you progress through levels.

When you start, you'll see a basketball court with a basketball hoop in front of it. The basketball appears in the air and continues to bounce, moving left and right. To make the throw, time your mouse click on the screen just as the ball travels over the circle. If the ball goes through the circle, you'll get bonus points. The game's difficulty will gradually grow as you go through the stages. To always win, make use of the abilities you gain throughout the game. Challenge yourself in Basketball Damage, show off your highest score to your friends, and discover who the basketball genius is!

How To Play

  • A or D - move left or right

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