Big Shot Boxing
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Big Shot Boxing

Big Shot Boxing

Don’t miss out on Big Shot Boxing, an exciting sports game that is more than just punching opponents! Beginning with choosing a fighter, players will have to learn the basic boxing moves. Keep your guard up to avoid being hit by the opponent, and find the right timing to unleash the powerful uppercut moves!

Big Shot Boxing offers many features, such as an extensive list of achievements, for players to enjoy the game to the fullest. Players start the game by choosing a boxer and having a coach guide them through the basics of the game. The core gameplay involves using a combination of attack and defense moves to defeat the opponent, win the game, and receive money. Use them to customize the outfit of your boxer, and see how fast it will take for you to rise to the top!

How To Play

  • Left arrow key: Cross
  • Right arrow key: Jab
  • X key: Uppercut
  • Z key: Block

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