Car Football
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Car Football

Car Football

Car Football combines the joy of driving your favorite sports automobile with the exhilaration of kicking the ball into the goal. See how you can't take your eyes off this game right now!

Before you begin playing, select one of the six cars available. However, only two are provided for free. The remaining ones can be unlocked using the gold coins you receive for winning matches. To do this. You must control your vehicle to block your opponent's shot and accelerate to shoot the ball into his goal. Use jumps to propel yourself into the air and shoot the ball. However, you must exercise caution when jumping if you do not want your opponent to exploit your weaknesses and score. To improve your chances of winning, pay attention to and predict your opponent's moves. Demonstrate your amazing abilities to your fans! Make your dream of being a champion a reality today!

How To Play

  • WAD or arrow keys to control the car.

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