Alvin Football Free Kick
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Alvin Football Free Kick

Alvin Football Free Kick

Charming Alvin, Simon, and Theodore will play soccer over the weekend. Do you want to participate and show off your skills? Welcome to Alvin Football Free Kick!

Alvin, Theodore, and Simon will be your opponents in the game. You will have to compete in ten rounds against each opponent to decide whether you win or lose. You will first play as an attacker, then as a goalie. When you hold down the mouse button while shooting, the ball path for that shot will appear. Before releasing it to shoot, adjust the ball so that it points toward the goal. To boost your chances of scoring, use a clever motion and deflect the shot. When it is your opponent's time to shoot, you must move your gloves to capture the ball in the net and use your opponent's motions to forecast the ball's direction. Play until all rounds conclude. Try to collect 5 points to advance to the next round with the remaining chipmunks. Good luck!

How To Play

  • Use the left mouse to control.

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