Dunk Fall
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Dunk Fall

Dunk Fall

Dunk Fall is an engaging basketball game that combines rope cutting and basketball. In this game, you must drop the ball from a moving string into a hoop. Even if you understand the inertial force of motion, you can't be sure you'll win.

This game includes mechanics that are simple to grasp yet challenging to master. You just need to touch the screen to send the ball towards the hoop. However, you must have the appropriate time to carry out this task. Each successful ball release earns you a specific amount of points. You will only progress in the game as you improve your drops' precision. The current speed of the game might cause you to lag and commit mistakes. Anticipate these speed fluctuations, since they will allow you to make more precise throws. It's time to practice and establish new high-scoring records with each attempt!

How To Play

  • On-screen instructions follow.

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