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Stick Basketball

Stick Basketball

Enter the world of Stick Basketball and experience the thrill of transforming into an agile stick figure to dribble, shoot, and leap your way through matches. Your primary goal is to score points by executing a predetermined sequence of jumps and moves. Will you now be able to immerse yourself in your beloved sportfully?

Stick Basketball is an arcade sports game in which stick figure characters take center stage. The game offers three different modes: Be the first player to rack up 21 points in this fast-paced game. You can choose between playoff games, where you compete in a tournament for the title of champion, and single-player games that function as quick plays. Gain an advantage over your opponents by incorporating more strategy into every move with the one-of-a-kind ability to teleport to the spot where the ball is. This title is characterized by unexpectedly enjoyable gameplay and decent visuals for a 2D stickman game. You will become the unrivaled champion of Stick Basketball by dominating the basketball court with your lightning speed, pinpoint accuracy, and strategic genius! Have a great time!

How To Play

  • Arrow keys to move
  • A-dodge, -shoot,
  • D-dunk,
  • F-pass;
  • Defense:
  • A-steal,
  • S-block

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