Football Among Us
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Football Among Us

Football Among Us

Participate in a strange football match in Football Among Us, where the characters of the Among Us game play football together in a zero-gravity environment. Show your soccer skills and win the matches. It's time to hit the field! 

Football Among Us is a game that is mobile-friendly. You can use your finger to touch the area marked with Touch and move your finger around to control your character. If you are using a computer, click and hold on the highlighted area to make your character move forward. Please keep in mind that when you release the mouse, your character will turn in a different direction, and you must point correctly to continue pressing Touch. Continue doing this until you kick the ball into the net and score points. Depending on the distance from where you take the shot to the goal, you will receive different points. The highest value can reach 3 points. This game is simple to play but not simple to master. With your beautiful kicks, you can become a space soccer master!

How To Play

  • Use the mobile touch controls or the mouse.

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