Football Run
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Football Run

Football Run

The new soccer game Football Run has you racing throughout the city while avoiding hazards and completing tasks. Are you capable of overcoming all the challenges you face?

The city can be your training ground to sharpen your skills before your big game. To win, you must complete each of the sixty challenging stages. When you start the game, your character automatically runs. You only need to collect money and jewels while avoiding obstacles. It is important to memorize the controls and not hurt your player when you are in a tunnel. You can buy the players that you want by collecting as much gold as you can. Lace up your sneakers, get warm, and start running at the first sign!


  • Vibrant two-dimensional images
  • Sensible controls
  • Fun and difficult gameplay
  • There are sixty stages to finish.
  • Various tricky obstacles to dodge

How To Play

  • Use the UP arrow key to jump.
  • Use the DOWN arrow key to slide.

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