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4, an intriguing online video game, lets you command a blackhole to eat everything that crosses its path. You can start with smaller items, such as people and traffic cones, before progressing to more complex ones. In the expansion, you'll find more city maps.

The game lets you take control of an actual black hole. This game takes place in any city or town on earth. allows users to control a tiny black hole, which appears unexpectedly in whichever town or city they choose.

In direct proportion to how many calories you consume, your body weight increases. As you progress, the view of the world map increases. The smaller players can be eaten if they are bigger. At this point, in addition to earning extra points, you can turn the players off for up to five seconds.

Play as a medieval German, Middle Ages Japan, or feudal Japanese. It is possible to destroy the American West and an island that harbors pirate treasures. Also, return in the future to wreck havoc on a variety of imagined environments, such as dystopian wastelands, modern metropolises, and post-apocalyptic ruins.

Exploit each unique skin before unleashing the chaos on the carefully crafted levels. Users' comments have directly led to constant updates and improvements to the game. It is important that viewers don't get bored by the action. Are you ready for some fun yet?


  • Engage in combat to transform into a black hole that annihilates all matter.
  • Experience a variety of maps at different periods and locations.
  • Acquire and develop entire communities and villages
  • Timed and battle royale game modes

How To Play

Use your mouse to move the black hole.

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