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Retro Goal

Retro Goal

Retro Goal is a fast and fun soccer simulation game that combines management with action. In collaboration with New Star Soccer, Retro Bowl created it. If you want to keep competing after the free ten games, then purchase the rest of the matches.

The touch-screen controls will allow you to easily score goals using graphics and sound effects that will remind you of popular 16-bit video games. The goal of achieving pixel-perfect accuracy sets this apart from other objectives.

Retro Goal is a simple game. Initial steps include establishing your team. After that, you must manage the formation of your team and score some goals. I think "Blackpool," an allusion to Liverpool F.C., is my favorite phrase.

Optionally, you can play a meta-game on team administration before each match. The game, although well-designed and addictive, may not appeal equally to everyone. The game Football Manager Retro Goal is a new one for me. I've never played it before, but this has caught my eye. It's quite simple!


  • Manual Ground Passes: Target a long, low shot with this brand-new, exclusive technique at any time.
  • Automatic Ground Passes: An innovative and state-of-the-art technique that enables you to immediately pass the ball to your colleagues with the press of a button or touch.
  • A more intricate approach to tackling involves selecting one's opponent and positioning them for a slide tackle.
  • New Turbo Setting: An instantaneous change in game tempo between the touch screen and handheld mode with Joy-Con controls is now possible, independent of the Difficulty Cage.
  • Switch controllers are virtually compatible with either the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, two Joy-Con controllers, or a single Joy-Con. Even better, one of the Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers for the Nintendo Switch or a Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controller may be used to play.
  • Personalized Control Options: Select one of three direct player control options or alter your aiming technique.

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How To Play

Retro Goal's core gameplay is swipe and move. Your swipes are what keep all of your activities going. It's simple; simply flick your left to dribble while holding, then move your left again to pass or shoot. The swipe-to-shoot process is the same for headers; only you must first loft the ball and identify your target.


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