Super Football Fever
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Super Football Fever

Super Football Fever

Super Football Fever is an amazing online soccer simulation game where you steal, dribble, and shoot goals to win the championship.

Your ultimate aim is to score as many goals as possible and earn the golden trophy by winning all of the games. Like in a real match, the side that scores three goals first within the allotted time wins. Each match you win will reward you with gold coins. Use it to improve your players' skills or to purchase teams with top talent from around the world.

The game's controls are simple: drag the mouse to move your character closer to the player holding the ball, and grab it. A suta shot automatically initiates when you approach the goal.  All you have to do is avoid being blocked by the opposition team's players and go near the goal.

If you have some spare time and want to spend it playing a really enjoyable sports game, don't miss Super Football Fever!

How To Play

  • You use arrow keys to control your player.

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