Soccer Stars
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Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars

There is no telling what may occur in Soccer Stars! This game is somewhat comparable to a table tennis game played online. However, you will see a zoomed-in small football field instead of model players tied to moving horizontal bars on the pitch. The game's control methods encourage players to think about genuine football. So, if you love football, just click play after reading our 'controls' section. Surely you'll know what to do!

Before you begin, you will choose your squad from among the six teams competing in the World Cup event. A match will consist of two rounds, each lasting 1 minute and 30 seconds. The team that scores the most points after two rounds will win. You will have control over all of the players on the pitch. When the ball approaches or reaches a player's foot, you will have control over that player. A brilliant pass allows you to avoid the opposing team's tight defense. Dribble the ball towards the goal and wait for the right opportunity to unleash a thunderous shot. Now it's time to demonstrate your abilities and protect your team's dignity by scoring goals and winning the championship trophy!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move around the field. 
  • Use the x key to pass and tackle. 
  • Use the z key to shoot.

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