Soccer Bros
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Soccer Bros

Soccer Bros

Take on the world as Lion Messi, Chris Ronald, Tom MauLer, or Kyker Bappy, and lead your squad to victory in Soccer Bros. Are you ready to shoot?

This game is quite versatile, with several intriguing game modes such as 2 Players Same PC, Tournament, Practice, and Play Now. You may also build or participate in large-scale online games. To switch to a 1:1 battle with the computer, click play now. Play with your pals in the 2 Player Same PC mode. In Tournament mode, you will play in a worldwide tournament against the best teams in the world.

There is just one purpose in this game: score more goals than your opponent and win the match overall. To do this, you must practice and perfect the skills of dribbling, shooting, and defense. Be wary of opponents taking the ball from you, and seize the chance to score. You can also slide the ball to score, but control your actions to avoid receiving a card from the referee. Before beginning a match, you may choose your preferred player; each player will have unique strengths and weaknesses. To capitalize on these attributes and succeed, you must first understand your athlete. Each match will consist of two halves, each lasting one minute.

As you unlock more players and items, the game will become increasingly captivating. In addition, unlock your characters' additional talents and powers to boost their victory rate. Now is the time to go to the field and experience the fire! Join Soccer Bros now!


  • Intense one-on-one soccer matches A diverse array of Legendary soccer player characters
  • Controls that are straightforward and intuitive
  • Playing at a high tempo in an old-school style The ability to compete against an AI or another player on the same PC

How To Play

Player 1

  • WASD: move
  • G: Kick the ball

Player 2

  • Arrow Keys: move
  • L: kick

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