Tennis Masters
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Tennis Masters

Tennis Masters

Hello, and welcome to the tough matches of the Tennis Masters, where all of the tennis professionals struggle for the trophy that represents the title! This game claims to provide a novel tennis experience unlike any other, with several power-ups and entertaining transformations!

Before you begin the game, you will choose a player to represent the nation you wish to represent. You may play in one of two modes: Tournament or Friendly Match. In Tournament mode, you will battle against the CPU, while Friendly Match mode allows you to play with a buddy. There will be no time limit for each match. The game begins only when you start the ball. You'll sprint into the field, catch the ball, and return it. You will get points if your opponent is unable to collect your ball, makes a mistake in his serve, or the ball leaves the court. We will use the same scoring mechanism as in a traditional tennis match. Two players will compete in three sets of matches, with each struck ball worth one point. When you achieve six points, you win the set. Whoever wins the first two sets will win. Furthermore, the encounter becomes more dramatic as a result of random power-ups' comebacks make the encounter more dramatic. These abilities will manifest on the grid. To get these fantastic power-ups, you must smash the ball past them. You can transform your opponent into a sluggish snail or a baby, transform the ball into a fireball with great speed, boost your speed, expand the racket, and so on. These abilities are only accessible for one turn of the ball. So take advantage of them, and don't let the ball drop to the ground. 

Do you want to know how I won this game? Nothing but practice! Participate in as many matches as possible, memorizing and practicing serving skills, and learning how to strike the ball from various angles. So, what are you waiting for? Play Tennis Masters and show everyone you're a fantastic player!


  • Comedy-inducing two-dimensional arcade tennis
  • Two-player and single-player game modes
  • Special capabilities that can be triggered by precisely aimed projectiles

How To Play

Player 1

  • Move: "W,A,D"
  • Hit: "V"
  • Smash: "B"

Player 2

  • Move: "ARROW KEYS"
  • Hit: "L"
  • Smash: "K"

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