Apex Football Battle
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Apex Football Battle

Apex Football Battle

Apex Football Battle is an excellent option for you if you are going to be playing a football simulation game that is really realistic. The game, which has a realistic physics engine and visuals, promises to provide you with an experience unlike any other football game.

In this game, you will take control of 11 players from the team you represent, assisting them in scoring goals and defeating teams from all over the globe. Choose one of seven national football teams: the United States, France, Germany, and others. Next, change the game to your taste. Customize the difficulty level to your skill level, as well as the match day length and time. Then you may start playing!

Immerse yourself in the supporters' chants, move rapidly on the pitch, and score important goals for your side. Do you have the capacity to get to the top of the ranks? Play Apex Football Battle and find out!

How To Play

  • Move - WASD
  • Spacebar - Shoot
  • K - Cross the ball
  • N, M - Pass the ball
  • J - Change players.

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