Soccer Legends
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Soccer Legends

Soccer Legends

Take to the pitch in Soccer Legends and show off your soccer talents to win the championship trophy against teams from across the globe! Can you work miracles with players who have unique abilities?

On the main screen of the game, you will have three modes to pick from. You may continue the game in any of the modes listed here: 1 Player, 2 Players, or Quick Match. Friendly and seasonal matches will be available in both the 1 Player and 2 Player formats. For each match, you may choose one of three match types: 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or 1 vs 2. Choose the Hard or Normal game level that best matches your abilities. You may also choose your preferred team from the list we offer. Soccer Legends is one of the most diversified sports games, with a vast range of game types available. 

Soccer Legends matches will include two halves, each lasting 45 seconds. After each round, you will have time to recover before proceeding to the next round. In each round, you aim to keep your players under control and score as many goals as possible. Choose the right time to fire the ball, leap to block your opponent's goal, and attempt to protect your own. You'll have two options for shooting the ball: shot and super shot. You will not be able to use Supershots consecutively; you must recharge them after each usage. Please time this shot accurately. It's time to take the field, join the cheers, and use your incredible talents and strategy to win the renowned trophy!

How To Play

  • Single-player Mode: You may move the player around with the arrow keys or WASD. Additionally, learn how to use the Z key for supershots and the X key for shots. Supershots must take some time to recharge their batteries after each execution.
  • Two-player mode: Player 1 uses WASD, V, and B keys, while Player 2 utilizes arrow, K, and L keys (in order from move, supershot, and shot).

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